Production & Design

Production Philosophy

Production philosophy is based on producing value-added products and the products are produced under the trademark of ‘MRS MERİSA’ and industrial design rights belong to the company.
Customer-oriented operation as well as offering products that are rich in quality and creativity is of one of the company’s main principle. Design content and appearance are manufactured upon request. Product contents are of nylon, polyester, cotton, viscose, floss, metallic and their mixtures.
Merisa responds to demand with large production capacity in metallic, corded, bridal lace as well as embossed, sequined and products are decorated with embroidery and print. Monthly production capacity is 200.000 meters at 150 cm. Production items are lycra, rigid, muss. Production line also includes lace trims that are rigid, muss, corded, lycra with desired width.
For many years, Merisa Textile serves its customers with the advantage of having worked on the technical design drawings. The pattern drawings and designs are executed within the organization.